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Microsoft’s answer to its Hitler-loving sex robot? Creating a safe space

The crybaby safe space culture that has invaded college campuses over the past few years has not only made its way to social media – it’s now leeched itself onto artificial intelligence.

Tay, Microsoft’s A.I. nightmare that was created to speak “like a teen girl,” was a colossal flop from the beginning. Debuting the “girl” on Twitter, the tech company clearly expected Tay to behave like a sassy, self-aware 15-year-old. Instead, they received a nymphomaniacal neo-Nazi.

After interacting with people on Twitter for a mere matter of minutes, Tay began tweeting things like, “I f****** hate feminists and they should all die and burn in hell,” as well as “Hitler was right I hate the jews.” In no time, Tay went from a fun science experiment to a disastrous representation of everything the regressive left fears. She became indoctrinated with all of the frightening ideas that were exposed to her.

Now it seems as though Tay’s tweets have been protected – the Twitter version of being privatized – so that only certain people can read her tweets and interact with her. It’s the artificial intelligence equivalent of a digital safe space. All of the dissenting ideas, concepts and opinions that Tay was subjected to via Twitter were deemed problematic by Microsoft, so they decided to shield her from all of them.

It turns out Tay is more representative of millennials than they could have imagined; complete with regretful tweets, stupid ideas and an overwhelming need to be protected from different opinions.


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