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Introducing the first affordable home robot for “entertainment and companionship”

I’ve been away from school for a couple of decades or so. I went to college in the ’70s, dropped out, and eventually finished in the ’90s. I leaned toward the theatrical, philosophical, sociological, communicable disciplines and ignorantly ignored the burgeoning planned obsolescence of male and female, which would eventually be rebranded as Human 2.0 where flesh melds with metal and chip and transhumans will live as gods forever.

Teaching children to bow down to their beast phone is a done deal. So let’s invite that beast spirit to be your new best friend and control all of your appliances! Until they get angry. Remember, all these devices are programmed by man’s algorithms. Gödel knew this. Sounds like trouble to me, but not to Nicole, the author of the illuminating Zenbo article. Heck, Nicole’s generation was socially engineered to trade real relationships for fake “smart little companion[s].” Here’s her take on family robot Zenbo, via

“It’s my dream to have a robot roommate, and today at Computex 2016 ASUS announced Zenbo, the home robot. ASUS chairman Jonney Shih outlines their vision: “Our ambition is to enable robotic computing for every household,” and I can’t agree more!”

 Personally, I wouldn’t trust a robot instructing me to use the microwave, as Zenbo does.

I gagged when I watched that video. Scripts and actors matter. Is the phrase, “they’re all dolomites” appropriate? Was the crew desperate for work? Anyway, expect more of the “trust the robot” cause they are never sick, they don’t ask for $15/hour and they don’t take smoke breaks and they’re just damn better than those prickly smelly humans. Until they kill you. But hey, humans do that too. Sometimes unexpectedly! Robots don’t have emotions though, right?

Whose gonna be in the first of your neighbors to introduce Stepford Wife Zenbo?

From Nicole’s article in

“Zenbo has a place in everyone’s heart. . . [Zenbo] emotionalizes his relationship with the entire family. A story teller, giver of gentle reminders, order’er of everything on the internet, coordinator of outfits, recipe reading assistant and the center of all your home’s controls.   Connecting with all smart devices Zenbo [can turn lights on or off on command]. . .[Zenbo can]  check who’s at the door from a connected camera, remote-unlock the door, [turn] on TVs or air conditioners. . . Zenbo is your Smart Home Hub.”

Think of Zenbo turning on you.



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