05/16/2018 / By Lance D Johnson

Artificial intelligence is merging with human thinking, providing mental shortcuts that allow your life to be more easily scheduled and


05/15/2018 / By Edsel Cook

Various tech start-ups and construction companies are giving dirty, tedious, and dangerous jobs to robots. In doing so, they’re transforming


05/14/2018 / By Vicki Batts

Will robots soon be on the same playing field as humans? In Europe, officials are already paving the way for


05/11/2018 / By David Williams

One of the things that would mark the beginning of a new era for robots is the development of a


05/10/2018 / By Isabelle Z.

A recent announcement from the U.S. army about new drone technology is adding a new dimension to the ongoing ethical


05/10/2018 / By David Williams

Could it be possible to have robots in the workplace that don’t affect the jobs of actual humans that are also


05/09/2018 / By David Williams

How would you feel if, after applying for a job, you learned that the recruiter who will be interviewing you


05/09/2018 / By Ralph Flores

Ever since the discovery of the lithium-ion battery, it has greatly contributed to the development of portable electronics, and experts


05/08/2018 / By Jayson Veley

It’s fair to say that our world has reached a point where technology is so advanced that robots are almost


05/08/2018 / By Frances Bloomfield

Sign language interpreters aren’t always available, making communication between the hearing and deaf communities all the more difficult. Closing this


05/07/2018 / By David Williams

Ever wonder what the U.S. military’s own researchers are working on at the moment? Online reports indicate that one of


05/07/2018 / By Edsel Cook

Anyone who’s seen a gecko knows how sticky their toes are. The newest robotic gripper devised by California-based researchers takes


05/03/2018 / By Ethan Huff

The president of the prestigious Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) is backtracking on plans to build artificial


05/02/2018 / By Edsel Cook

Military robots pulled off the very first robotic breaching operation during a joint training exercise in Germany. While their American


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